Summer Tent Camp ‘Horytsvit’ 2010

Donor International Renaissance Foundation
Role in the project Principal implementing body
Partners NGO ‘Socium-Eco-Art’ (Kalush)
Implementation period July – September 2010
Project locations Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine

The project aim was to overcome the child passiveness and inaction through formation of culture of active, creative and meaningful holidays to teenagers, who grow up in big families with low income or orphan homes and other children who specially felt the influence of economic crises, the comprehensive and cultural education for children during the summer vacations and formation of values of Unified Europe. The main project activity focus on organization of the summer tent camp ‘Horytsvit’ for children and promotion of the outdoor activities.

The camp was attended by 95 children and among of them – 80 participants were privileged categories children. The camp participants in the course of the project were recreated, obtained tourist skills, got known European history, culture, geography and other subjects of natural sciences. The main project results were: 1) camp participants got motivated to initiate the educational, recreational programs and activities; 2) have been prepared for measures implementation to encourage their peers to exercise active healthy recreation; 3) met with their peers, found friends whom brings team and tent camp living experiences.

The project results were published within the manual ‘Summer miracle –‘Horytsvit’, which provides a thematic tent camps model and described the camp experience. The manual was widely disseminated amongst tourist clubs, summer schools and other youth organizations in Ukraine.

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