Research, tourism market intelligence and benchmarking. Destination marketing and promotion initiatives

  • Assessment of carrying capacity, visitor flows planning and impact analysis
  • Market studies, assessment and forecasts
  • Competitive analysis and benchmarking
  • Sociological researches and surveys
  • Branding for territories
  • Market communications and social media
  • Familiarization visits of tour operators and travel writers
  • Organization and participation in the specialized exhibitions

We see our strategic objective in positioning the Carpathian area as a whole and Ivano-Frankivsk Region in particular as an interesting and desired tourist destinations on domestic and international markets, by disseminating travel information and revealing various holiday opportunities and advantages for potential travelers.

Local heritage resources open numerous opportunities for tourism development. At the same time, we are well aware of current conditions and nowadays challenges. The region is in a fierce and uncompromising competition with other destinations for inbound tourists. National and international travel operators and airlines actively lure and encourage our compatriots to go on holiday outside their countries. In the context of domestic and international tourism, the neighboring Carpathian regions of Ukraine also compete with each other. Moreover, Ivano-Frankivsk Region competes for the international visitors with the Carpathian regions of other EU countries, which significantly surpass us in terms of both the quality of resources and the quality and safety of services. All this makes us undertake regular marketing efforts to attract new customers and not to lose its attractiveness and novelty day after day.

The travel and tourism industry development and region’s promotion as a tourist destination require timely and appropriate managerial decision-making by tourism market players and the local authorities. This, in its turn, requires professional research and quality of analytical activity. Therefore, research and analysis constitute a significant part of our work.

Over the years, we established the expert team to cover various sectors of tourism industry under the aegis of the Association. This team has demonstrated their ability to jointly develop quality intellectual products and accomplish diverse tasks in various industry spheres.

When implementing our projects and creating new tourism products, we conduct thorough research including the gathering and processing of various market information and economic forecast planning. In particular, our activity is accompanied by comprehensive market study aimed at ensuring the future economic feasibility and environment sustainability of our products, development prospects and future growth.

Besides, we conduct professional specialized assessments, including the identification of carrying capacity of a particular tourism site, place or territory, the visitor flows management planning, cost-benefit analyses, cash flow forecast, etc.

We constantly monitor the main statistic data concerning the economic performance of the tourism sector and consumers behavior in the context of various market niches or sub-sectors, identify the dynamics of the industry development and calculate prognostic values, conduct our own sociological and field surveys on various issues and produce the intelligence for decision-making, in particular, regarding the choice of potential markets or market niches, product positioning and entering new markets strategies etc. Besides, we analyze and study the development of tourism in competing regions and conduct complex comparative analysis.

Our studies, research and analytical products are used by a wide range of public and business stakeholders from owners and company managers and individual entrepreneurs to local authorities.
Being aware of the importance of professional supply of reliable up-to-date information in the current conditions of growing and intense competition, we attach primary importance to the quality of our research and analytical work and the products we create.

Our targeted marketing activities include the identification and study of target markets and niches, direct advertising and various promotional activities aimed at various target groups, such as familiarization tours for tour operators and travel writers, participation in exhibitions and other industry promotional events, e-marketing via social networks and platforms, blogging, production and distribution of promotional materials, outdoor advertising, etc.

By carrying out the above mentioned activities, we try to provide potential visitors with multiple opportunities for access travel related information on our region, visualizing the travel content and receiving positive motivating messages encouraging to choose our region as desired holiday destination or to include it in the travel itinerary.

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