Transcarpathian Tourism – Network for the Promotion of Tourism in Maramures, Zakarpattia and Ivano-Frankivsk Regions

Donor EU Neighborhood Programme Romania-Ukraine
Role in the project Implementing partner
Partners Leading partner – Maramures County Council (Romania)
Implementation period July 2007 – December 2009
Project locations Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpattia regions, Ukraine; Maramures county, Romania

The project goal was to increase the capacity of the local public administration to get involved in the supporting of the tourism sector through actions of its competence, i.e. the promotion through modern methods. The project results: 1) publications of joint promotion materials and films (4 brochures, 3 leaflets, photo album, panoramic tours on DVD, post cards, maps, information boards, 7 demonstration films; 2) web page for transfrontier tourism promotion was developed including the virtual orientation systems, GIS, and all tourist attractions mapping; 3) joint study tours and conferences conducted; 4) training materials for tourist organizations were developed and published. They were disseminated in 3 regions amongst the main tourism sector stakeholders; 5) market research and potential market studies for 3 regions’ tourism conducted; 6) Transcarpathian tourism slogan and brand identities developed; 7) intensive advertising campaign on TV was conducted; 8) representatives of 3 regions jointly participated in the regional and national tourist shows.

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