Official Ceremony of Signing Grant Contracts under the Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine-Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020 Cross-border Cooperation Program was held on October 1.

Official Ceremony of Signing Grant Contracts within the framework of the Cross-border Cooperation Program of the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument “Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020” was held in Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration on October 1, 2019. Aron Sokach, Director of the Joint Technical Secretariat of the ENPI Border Cooperation Program Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine (HU-SK-RO-UA), visited the event.

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The first project – “52 Carpathian Lifestyle Experiences: Reinventing Traditional Work Cultures” aims to increase attendance and create new sources of income for the border communities of the Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine, as well as the Satu Mare district of Romania, the Kosice region of Slovakia and the ABA region of Hungary by creating and promotion of unique tourism products and experiences based on the living heritage of the Carpathian regions (traditional cuisine, endangered lifestyles, cultures of work).

The project is expected to create 52 unique products (tours) of living heritage. All tours will be integrated into a common cross-border route and presented through a package of electronic virtual travel – the online Carpathian Living Heritage Museum and the mobile virtual guide. The project will create interpretative documentaries about the Carpathian traditional labor cultures and life histories that may be lost or forgotten; organized an international forum of partners of the Carpathian living heritage on innovation, design and creativity in the field of heritage-based tourism; conducted a cross-border expedition of bloggers and a tour visit of tour operators to promote traditional Carpathian destinations.

The second project – “Carpathian Forest Schools” aims to support forest preservation practices in the Carpathian cross-border area by enhancing environmental education through Forrest School activities and raising awareness of local communities on the value of forest biodiversity conservation and protection of unique Carpathian mountain ecosystems.

Project will pilot two Forest Schools – environmental education centres on both sides of the border (Novyi Mizun village, Vygoda OTG and Viseu de Sus, Maramures, Romania) – that will interpret the nature and conservation work around.

Strengthen with intense biodiversity raising awareness campaign, innovative infrastructure and established network of dedicated nature protection practitioners, project intends to demonstrate the interlink between the health of forest ecosystems and socio-economic wellbeing that is reflected in local practices and behaviours of residents &visitors.

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