Our people on “Gourmet fest”

On June 22 took place “Gourmet Fest” in Slovakian city Kosice, attended by representatives of Tourist Association of Ivano-Frankivsk region in order to get acquainted with the organization of the event and examine the possibilities for Food Festivals funding.

Organizers of the festival were Kosice Visit-center and City Hall of Kosice. Mayor of the city took an active part in organization and holding of the festival. Event also gathered a large number of commercial sponsors.

The festival took place in a very attractive area for tourists – in the local botanical garden on meadows of which were located the exhibition stands of local culinary producers and food establishments.

The peculiarity of this year “Gourmet Fest” was a series of cooking shows that were presented by the leading restaurants of Kosice region. Guests of the festival were treated with unique dishes made by chefs and local food producers. Slovakian hotels also presented cuisines of their restaurants: demonstrated the process of food preparing and treated the guests with dishes prepared by their own unique recipes.

Each participant had an opportunity to make a contribution into development of Kosice culinary and touristic industry while buying “gourmet” at the entrance to the botanical garden – set of 10 coupons which could be exchanged into selected food. For 10 euro each of the guests could taste up to 10 dishes. And in their turn restaurateurs and local food producers could exchange the gathered coupons in the festival organizers into real money in the ratio of 1 euro to 80 euro cents. Moreover, in such a way was determined a rating of dishes popularity – the more “gourmet” you have gathered – the more tasty and desirable will be your dish for the clients!

Highlight of the festival was a concert of famous jazz band, which created a specific holiday atmosphere.

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