Panyolafestival has been conducted

On August 4-5 in the small Hungarian village took place popular international Panyolafestival. Representatives of Tourist Association of Ivano-Frankivsk region attended this event within the project “Carpathian culinary heritage network” .

During two days Panyola became a place of fun and entertainment. An open air were held culinary shows, during which visitors had the opportunity to taste the local cuisine. The festival program included execution of songs, dances, tastings and master classes in non-stop regime.

One of the Panyolafestival entertainments was attending the most beautiful plant of Hungary – distillery “Panyola silvorium”. Tourists was proposed a trip, during which they learned about unique varieties of plums, which are used in manufacturing, the secrets of winemaking, process of making “palinka” (local vodka) – from fruit picking to bottle corking. An integral part of the trip was tasting of palinka.

During this festival was held trade fair, and for younger visitors was organized master class in doll making.

Tourists were surprised by a hospitable atmosphere, which was in the village Panyola, and by the excellent organization of holiday.

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