Success planning – A series of trainings for the Accelerator of Creative Woman Startups has begun

Success planning – An initiative of this name was supported by the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council to strengthen the training component of the Accelerator of Creative Women Startups.

The first training session for Planning Success was hosted on September 16-18 . The Accelerator team succeeded in attracting successful and highly qualified trainer-consultants to the collaboration, planning and conducting qualitative training for the participants of the 2019 Acceleration Program. What is a rake and to what extent should an entrepreneur be a psychologist himself, and how long does he need to enlist the support of partners? “The answers to these questions are,” assured trainer Alyona Kalibaba.

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Moreover, Alon now becomes an Accelerator Mentor, accompanying one of the starters, Irina Darvai, on her journey to the creation of the Academia Nova Creativity School. Mentoring in the Accelerator is an integral part of the program, because it is through mentoring support that the members of the Accelerator program will be able to improve themselves, qualitatively start their own business and gain the support and friendship of the mentors for many years.

As a result of the training, 10 startup founders have increased their self-confidence, acquired self-regulation and motivation skills, learned about managing their emotions, and raised their own decision-making ability, so that each participant will be able to launch the startup optimally and effectively.

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Це зображення має порожній атрибут alt; ім'я файлу DSC_0403-1024x678.jpg

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